Below is a list of my selected publications by categories in reversed chronological order. See my CV for a more comprehensive list, and my Google Scholar for the complete records.

Generic Active Learning

  1. CVPR
    Towards robust and reproducible active learning using neural networks
    Munjal, Prateek, Hayat, Nasir, Hayat, Munawar G, Sourati, Jamshid, and Khan, Shadab
    In CVPR 2022
  1. JMLR
    Asymptotic analysis of objectives based on fisher information in active learning
    Sourati, Jamshid, Akcakaya, Murat, Leen, Todd K, Erdogmus, Deniz, and Dy, Jennifer G
    The Journal of Machine Learning Research 2017
  2. TPAMI
    A probabilistic active learning algorithm based on fisher information ratio
    Sourati, Jamshid, Akcakaya, Murat, Erdogmus, Deniz, Leen, Todd K, and Dy, Jennifer G
    IEEE transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence 2017
  1. Entropy
    Classification active learning based on mutual information
    Sourati, Jamshid, Akcakaya, Murat, Dy, Jennifer G, Leen, Todd K, and Erdogmus, Deniz
    Entropy 2016

Applied Active Learning

  1. TMI
    Intelligent labeling based on fisher information for medical image segmentation using deep learning
    Sourati, Jamshid, Gholipour, Ali, Dy, Jennifer G, Tomas-Fernandez, Xavier, Kurugol, Sila, and Warfield, Simon K
    IEEE transactions on medical imaging 2019
    Active deep learning with Fisher information for patch-wise semantic segmentation
    Sourati, Jamshid, Gholipour, Ali, Dy, Jennifer G, Kurugol, Sila, and Warfield, Simon K

Unsuperised Learning

  1. TIP
    Accelerated learning-based interactive image segmentation using pairwise constraints
    Sourati, Jamshid, Erdogmus, Deniz, Dy, Jennifer G, and Brooks, Dana H
    IEEE transactions on image processing 2014

AI-assisted Knowledge Discovery

  1. HDSR
    Data on how science is made can make science better
    Sourati, Jamshid, Belikov, Alexander, and Evans, James
    Harvard Data Science Review 2022
  2. Patent
    Systems and methods for high-order modeling of predictive hypotheses
    Evans, James, Shi, Feng, and Sourati, Jamshid
  1. arXiv
    Accelerating science with human versus alien artificial intelligences
    Sourati, Jamshid, and Evans, James
    arXiv e-prints 2021